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Research and Development

Research and Development

As Kale Conveyor R&D Team, we constantly improve ourselves in line with the developing technology and customer requests. Our customers expect the conveyor belts they use to be at a much higher performance level, much more durable and long lasting. We focus on optimizing existing production processes or developing innovative new production processes. In addition, we provide our customer satisfaction at the highest point by reflecting the innovative solutions we have developed in recent years in areas such as mines, which require special conditions of use, in areas that are exposed to extreme heat or chemical effects. Our first goal is to provide our customers with the most appropriate and high quality standards in line with their needs. We continue our technical support to our customers who purchase the conveyor belts we produce in our facilities and we strive to achieve the best results. We produce all our conveyor belt in our facilities in Turkey. We continue our efforts to provide products that will work in the most difficult conditions with our engineers, technicians and all production team to all sectors where Conveyor Belts are used. We have recently increased our number of customers and our product range by introducing our new products that will work under special conditions.
The focus of Kale Conveyor R&D center is developing the materials, production processes and product quality constantly to benefit the customers, the environment and the company.
Accordingly, business areas are supported in achieving operational goals and implementing high quality standards.
The R&D Center acts as an interface for all Kale Conveyor departments and coordinates ongoing knowhow transfer and experience exchange between individual production departments.
One of the important duties of Kale Conveyor R&D Center is saving material usage, optimization of existing production processes or development of innovative new production processes and  minimizing production costs. Another important task is the development of innovative solutions to meet specific market and customer needs.

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